After years as the Buffalo-area’s comedy club, Comix Cafe suddenly closed its doors last week.

Owner Randy Reese said the quick end to the club was almost a big a surprise to him as to everyone else.

“We were kind of hoping we could make it,” Reese said. “We really only figured it out two weeks ago and we just saw that we didn’t have enough money to be able to keep it going.”

The lack of funds was the result of a slow winter season, which typically carries the club through slower summer months, Reese said.

“Usually we set aside enough money in the winter to get us through the summer,” Reese said. “When we first bought the club, it started getting busy in October. This winter it didn’t get cold until January, so we only had two months of business and that’s not enough to get us through.”

After making the decision, it was a fast process leading up the business’ close, Reese said.