It was an unusual story that ended with a sad twist.

A trio of free-range cows had to be killed Wednesday after they escaped from a holding center and were roaming into traffic near Saunders Settlement Road (Route 31) and Military Road, State Police Sgt. Phil Bourque said today.

State Police troopers shot and killed the two remaining cows at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday after they were spotted going into traffic along Route 31. Troopers were able to direct the livestock into a nearby field next to the Power Authority where the cows were put down, Bourque said.

“Our biggest worry, especially at night, was the way the animals were acting going into the road,” Bourque said. “They were going to cause a serious road accident, perhaps with human fatalities.”

Earlier in the evening, Lewiston Police were forced to kill one of the three cows after it could not be stopped from going into traffic near the 700 block of Upper Mountain Road.

The trio of livestock exited a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection facility Wednesday morning after the truck carrying them was stopped in route to Utah via the I-190 from a farm in Canada.

The cows were placed in a pen inside the inspection facility on Route 31 so they could be examined by a veterinarian.

According to reports, the vet left the cows unattended and one of the animals managed to push a button, opening the pen and releasing three cows into the open grounds.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including Lewiston and Niagara town police departments and State Police, spent the day Wednesday trying to corral the free-range cows and prevent them going into the roads.

After numerous failed attempts to round up the cows, the Niagara County SPCA supported the decision to have them put down.

“The decision was not made easily, but it was pretty much a consensus of opinion there was a threat to the safety of the public,” SPCA Executive Director Al Chille said.

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