Visitors to Niagara Falls State Park have a new attraction to see.

New to them, anyway.

A movie about the history of Niagara Falls that has been playing for the last 20 years on the Canadian side of the cataract has been brought to a new theater inside the Orin Lehman Visitor Center.

The film’s owners, a company that produces and runs theaters in tourist destinations in different parts of the globe, boasts that 14 million people have already seen the film.

“Niagara: Legends of Adventure” was first shown to visitors in the state park in May and was previewed for politicians, park officials and reporters on Thursday.

“Any attraction like this helps bring people here and keep them here longer,” said Mark Thomas, director of the state parks’ operations in the Niagara Region.

The 40-minute film, produced in 1985 by Kieth Merrill, was rebranded by Destination Cinema, which owns the film and won a state contract to show a movie inside the visitor center. The movie was originally dedicated to the Niagara Parks Commission, the organization that operates parks on the Canadian side.

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