The biggest knockout victory of Joe Mesi’s professional heavyweight boxing career came quietly, without a single punch being thrown.

The undefeated Tonawanda native — who was on the brink of a title shot 22 months ago, only to have his boxing license suspended for medical reasons — was given an early Christmas present Monday.

“I’m just glad it’s all over. The roller coaster ride is finally over,” said an ecstatic Mesi, moments after a Nevada state judge ruled his medical suspension expired when his Nevada boxing license expired last Dec. 31. This ruling allows Mesi to return to the ring immediately if he passes a required physical.

“It’s a very Merry Christmas for the Mesis and for all of Western New York,” said Baby Joe’s father and manager, Jack Mesi. “I’m not surprised at all with the ruling. We knew we were right. We had strong, strong legal arguments to present.

The World Boxing Council (WBC)’s top-ranked contender at 29-0 when he was sidelined by bleeding of the brain, Baby Joe Mesi went to court after the Nevada State Athletic Commission ruled that he was not yet fit to fight in Nevada.

“I don’t hold any animosity towards anyone,” Jack Mesi said. “I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. I think they honestly try to do what’s right in trying to protect fighters, but they’ve made some blunders along the way. Obviously the courts thought so this time.”

The Mesis and their high-powered legal team, led by Buffalo’s Paul Cambria, fought the suspension since it was imposed. At the latest hearings, four different neurologists testified that Mesi was no longer in danger nor at increased risk of aggravating his head injury.

“The very first thing I’m going to do is start training and I’ll need about 12 weeks to prepare,” Baby Joe said.

“Then it’s just a matter of where and when I fight again. States still have the discretion of not licensing me — New York and Nevada being two of the states primarily giving us trouble — but I’d like to fight close to home.

“Wherever we fight, all we have to do now is show them that we’re healthy and we’re fit,” Joe Mesi said.

Added Jack Mesi, who arranged for most of his son’s previous fights at local venues including HSBC Arena: “The old adage was never was any more true. There’s no place like home. We want to bring the best heavyweights in the world to our house.”

After flying home from Las Vegas this morning, Baby Joe will meet with his advisors then plans to travel to either Puerto Rico or Houston.

“We’re going to slip away quietly to some place where the weather’s warm,” Jack Mesi said.

“Then we’ll start training and try to get back some of those last 22 months that were stolen from us.”

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