Being a devoted Buffalo Bills fan runs in the Gwizdowski family.

Jim Gwizdowski of Niagara Falls has been going to Bills games for 43 years ... and most of those years, he’s had season tickets.

“I’ve been going for a long time,” he said. “My father took me to my first game ... and I’ve been a Bills fan ever since.”

It didn’t stop there. Years later, Gwizdowski took his then 9-year-old daughter, Jamie, to a game ... and, 17 years later, father and daughter still attend all the Bills home games.

Donna Gwizdowski nominated her husband and daughter as the biggest Bills fans in the Niagara area.

“Neither one has missed a game, rain or shine, sick or sleep-deprived,” she wrote. “When everyone one else left the comeback game (in 1993, versus the Houston Oilers), we were there! ... Our Bills flag flies 365 days a year.”

“He’s a devoted fan; they both are,” Donna Gwizdowski said. “My daughter was 9 when they started going. Now, they don’t miss a game.

“She’s the perfect daughter. She’ll go to shows and shopping and lunch with me ... and football games with her father.”

Jamie Gwizdowski said her Bills experience started when she would wonder where her father went every week during football season. When she expressed an interest, he took her first to a couple of games a season, then a few more. By the time she was 11, she had her own season tickets ... and has every year since.

“We do other things together, but this is our main thing,” she said. “It’s the one thing we can always do together.”

It’s not just a father/daughter excursion, either. There are also other family members and friends along for the ride, she said. “There are a lot of us.”

The family Bills experience doesn’t just involve attending games. There are parties during away games and the playoffs, including a huge bash for Super Bowl 25

However, one thing mother, father and daughter all mentioned was the family’s devotion to not only attending every game, but to staying to the end of every game — no matter how big a blowout, crazy the crowd or nasty the weather.

Jim Gwizdowski said nothing will ever make that happen.

“I would never leave a game,” he said. “Never.”

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