The Major League All-Star game is Tuesday in Cleveland. That means it's time for my annual baseball trivia quiz. This is the 30th installment of the quiz, which began in 1990, when Roger Maris and Hank Aaron still held the home run records and there were only four divisions and no wild cards.

A lot has changed in baseball during that time. In 1990, the team leader had 172 home runs. There are 26 teams on pace to hit more this season. Strikeouts are up for the 14th straight year, to a record 8.72 a game per team, up 65 percent over 1990.

It's a different game in many ways, and some feel it's not a good thing for baseball. But the game never gets old for the truly twisted trivia zealots.

This year's quiz is tough but fair, as always, and intended to inform rather than torture. There are 67 possible answers. Keep in mind, I only use stats back to 1901, the year the American League was founded. Stats are current as of July 5.

The answers are found at the bottom.

1. Who was the last National League pitcher to win 25 games in a season? While you're at it, name the five AL hurlers have won 25 since then.

2. DJ LeMahieu leads the AL in batting average. Who was the last Yankee right-handed batter to win the title? He led the AL in at-bats, runs, hits, triples, steals and slugging that season.

3. Name the three players with 3,000 hits, 250 homers and 350 steals.

4. Seven pitchers have saved 40 games for three different teams. Name the pitchers and the teams.

5. There are five left-handed pitchers with 250 wins and 2,500 strikeouts. One is active.

6. The Yanks' LeMahieu has a chance to become the first player ever to be a batting champion in both leagues. Who were the two players who led one league in batting and finished second in other?

7. When Babe Ruth retired on May 30, 1935, he had 714 home runs, more than twice as many as the next player on the career list. Who was second at that point? Thanks to Jack Gray for sending this my way.

8. Alphabet Trivia Time! Seven managers whose last name begins with "H" have won 1,000 games. Name them.

9. He has the record for losses by a Red Sox pitcher in a season with 25. He's also a Hall of Famer who is the only Yankee to win 20 games four years in a row.

10. There are eight pitchers who have won 100 games for two different teams. Two did it for the Yankees. One did it with two other teams before becoming a Yankee.

11. LeMahieu is one of six Rockies who win the NL batting title between 2007-17. Name the other five.

12. All-Star Game lightning round: Who has them most appearances by a pitcher with 17? Who has the most home runs with six? The only pitcher with three AS wins?

13. Who has the most career hits of anyone who never won a batting title?

14. Who are the three active players with 300 homers, 500 doubles and a career .300 batting average?

15. Name the switch-hitters with the most hits, by position, since 1950. I'll give you Pete Rose as the DH with 4,256. No need for a pitcher.

16. He's one of three players with 500 homers and 250 steals. He hit 30 homers in a season for five different teams. He finished top five for MVP five times and never won it. He's not in the Hall of Fame. Who is he?

17. Among the 18 players with 1,500 career walks, he's the only one who doesn't have 150 home runs.

18. Who is the only Dodger ever to have 200 hits, 100 RBIs, 30 stolen bases and a .300 batting average in the same season?

19. Who has the most career wins of any active pitcher under the age of 30? He's a lefty. Who leads among active righties?

20. Who is MLB"s leading active base stealer? He's better known for a home run he hit in the World Series against the Cubs a few years back.


Answers to Sully's baseball trivia quiz:

1. Steve Carlton, who went 27-10 for the Phillies (who won 59 games) in 1972. The AL pitchers were Catfish Hunter, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Guidry and Steve Stone, who all won 25, and Bob Welch, who won 27 in 1990.

2. Snuffy Stirnweiss in 1945.

3. Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and Rickey Henderson.

4. Francisco Cordero (Rangers, Brewers, Reds); Jose Mesa (Indians, Phillies, Pirates); Jeff Reardon (Expos, Twins, Red Sox); Francisco Rodriguez (Angels, Brewers, Tigers); Rafael Soriano (Rays, Yankees, Natiionals); Jose Valverde (Diamondbacks, Astros, Tigers); John Wetteland (Expos, Yankees, Rangers).

5. C.C. Sabathia, Warren Spahn, Steve Carlton, Tom Glavine and Randy Johnson.

6. Frank Robinson and Al Oliver. Robinson led the AL for the Orioles when he won the Triple Crown in 1966 and finished second for the Reds. Oliver won the batting title for the Expos in 1982. He had been second in the AL with the Texas Rangers.

7. Lou Gehrig, his teammate, had 353 at that point.

8. Mike Hargrove, Bucky Harris, Whitey Herzog, Ralph Houk, Art Howe, Miller Huggins and Clint Hurdle.

9. Red Ruffing. The Red Sox traded him to the Yanks in 1930 for Cedric Durst, who hit .245 that season and retired. It's not as bad as selling Babe Ruth, but my lord.

10. Dennis Martinez (Orioles, Expos); Mike Mussina (O's, Yankees); C.C. Sabathia (Indians, Yankes); Lefty Grove (A's, Red Sox); Randy Johnson (Mariners, Diamondbacks); Nolan Ryan (Angels, Astros); Greg Maddux (Cubs, Braves); Grover Cleveland Alexander (Phils, Cubs).

11. Matt Holliday (2007); Carlos Gonzalez (2010); Michael Cuddyer (2013); Justin Morneau (2014), Charlie Blackmon (2017). Blackman, who hit .412 in June, is making a run at another crown.

12. Warren Spahn, the pride of Buffalo, played in 17 All-Star games. Stan Musial hit six home runs. Lefty Gomez is the only pitcher with three wins.

13. Derek Jeter. He batted over .320 seven times but never won it. He hit .349 in 1999 and was second to Nomar Garciaparra; he hit .343 in 2006 and Joe Mauer won it.

14. Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera and Robinson Cano.

15. Ted Simmons, catcher (2,472); Eddie Murray, first base (3,255 hits); Roberto Alomar, second (2,724); Chipper Jones, third (2,726); Omar Vizquel, shortstop (2,877); Carlos Beltran (2,725), Tim Raines (2,605), Mickey Mantle (2,415), outfield.

16. Gary Sheffield.

17. Eddie Yost. "The Walking Man" is 11th all-time with 1,614 walks. In 1956, he hit .231 with a .412 on-base percentage, the lowest in a season for a player with a .400 on-base.

18. Jackie Robinson, when he was NL MVP in 1949.

19. Madison Bumgarner leads the under-30 set with 115 wins. Gerrit Cole leads all active righties with 82. Hard to imagine anyone ever winning 300 again.

20. Rajai Davis.

Jerry Sullivan is a sports columnist with over 30 years experience in Western New York, as well as the host of The Jerry Sullivan Show from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. weekdays on 1270 AM The Fan. Follow him on Twitter @ByJerrySullivan or respond via email at

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