First and foremost, I admit to being a little prejudiced. That being said, I’d like to make a few comments on the past sheriff’s race now that the furor has finally died down.

As is often the case, a writer’s choice of words, not the facts, will prevent an unbiased account of a particular report. Reporters/writers with a specific political agenda find it hard to be objective. A good case in point would be articles in the local papers describing Sheriff Beilein’s election as a “landslide” out of 50,000 votes, a 12 year incumbent with the backing and funding of all but one political party got “only” 30,000 out of 50,000, hardly a landslide.

Not a word was written on the exceptional showing of newcomer Brian Grear, an endorsed Republican who ran without party backing or financial support in a predominantly democratic county and still managed to pull in nearly 20,000 votes.

I’m proud to say that Brian ran a clean campaign, did not resort to mudslinging or engage in defacing of campaign signs as did supporters of the opposing side.

The local editors ought to revisit the word objective along with the phrase “fair and balanced”.

Patricia R. Grear