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It's all gone from the sublime to the ridiculous? Or is that simply from ridiculous to more ridiculous?

I.e., this latest Democratic demarche called impeachment redux. One more time, as Mr. Basie might say (on “April in Paris”)? But far better Basie than Schumer et al.

OK: Mr. Trump was ill-advised to call for a march toward the Capitol (already underway); but he did specify that it ought to be peaceful. Sure it got far out of hand. As did all the burnings and lootings in major American cities and a number of towns last summer. And why didn’t self-righteous Democrats say much about all that? Belatedly, candidate Biden finally declared that such things should be done peacefully, too.

However, these kinds of street events often take on lives of their own. Important politicos can say what they want, but mob behavior isn’t fully controllable by the “suits.” Or by ladies in fine attire.

In this regard I think of a 1789 march early in the French revolution, starting from Paris, where certain shop workers etc. simply got swept up in the crowd and pressed into joining. The crowd kept swelling, and once arrived at Versailles, demanded the King, Queen and family leave their suburban digs and return to Paris, basically as prisoners.

“Progressives” of the era said little about all this either. But Edmund Burke (once pro America’s revolution) predicted such moves would lead to far more violence in France, which of course occurred.

My point? Why again didn’t the Dems say enough is enough when destruction and mayhem snowballed and got so quickly lethal, costly, and out of hand a few months back? Why didn’t they decry cowardly cop killings, beatings and such?

So now it’s much easier to go after a president who’s already gone? You know it.

Of course legal investigations re the storming of Congress will go on, as they should. But there should be careful distinguishing in all that. I.e., between those who were part of an at first peaceful demonstration, and those who propelled it into a different key, a more dangerous one.

But impeachment of a departed president and again, on flimsy grounds will do nothing for the country, as much as Democrats say it will. They talk a good game, but now it’s their turn to govern and make useful things happen. And this isn’t a good start. It’s one last, hate-all-things Trump move. And another nose-thumbing at almost half the American adult electorate, turning off millions who were already turned off.

Why don’t Democrats go all the way and establish a national “progressive church,” with a prescribed set of dogmas? Only this wouldn’t be much of a church at all. Ironically, I’ve found more catholicity (openness to different views) in quite a number of old Catholics bred deeply in that faith than in these illiberal liberals who’ve clearly gone wild.

Again: had they condemned all the Antifa types and their horrid, anarchistic activity last summer, then embarked on the current proceedings, I might feel better about their even-handedness.

Instead they’ve stayed true to snide, four and a half year-form. Almost none in their party have displayed any courage, i.e. to go at things their own, more moderate way.

The latest impeachment try instead follows one Wile Coyote move after another from before Trump became president; and of course including much Deep State and media connivance, too. And prevarication.

The latest being that any and all claims of possible fraud in Nov. 2020 were false. Which is really another form of rubbing it in after taking a big victory. You mean not a single deceased person voted? You mean each and every counter did it exactly according to Hoyle? Could you at least concede that there were a few irregularities or snafus, but not enough to have swayed the result?

Back to Impeachment, Inc. All this constitutes a kind of extremism, but not the Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot variety. Those ruthless gents would simply snicker at such petty activity initiated by America’s current Left. The real thugs could easily outdo all that, and if we keep seeing such frivolous, nonsensical “policies,” they may one day do so.

B.B. Singer has taught at several area colleges including Niagara University.

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