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It seems the Dems and their dog-whistle media supporters haven’t noticed that Donald Trump is no longer the American president. They won’t acknowledge that whatever’s been happening in the country since early 2020 is much more “on” Pres. Biden, and a party that possessed quite a stretch of power in Congress.

From that side of the spectrum we’ve had such a litany of stupid, perverse policies (or non-policies) that it fatigues one even trying to list them. To be brief, we’ve experienced an open Southern border and a lethal drug plague it’s exacerbated; we’ve seen a big rise in criminality, affecting both cities and smaller agglomerations; we’ve stood by while tax-and-spend madness has helped put inflation through the roof, after it was almost non-existent; we’ve seen Washington policy-makers provide a supine brand of foreign policy exemplified in the tragic, cowardly Afghanistan withdrawal, then failure to prevent Putin’s destructive incursion into Ukraine. Not to mention appeasement of the Iranians, Chinese Communists, etc. And a war on American energy that made this Democratic administration think of procuring oil even from abominable Venezuela.

But let’s stop there. As I say, it all gets very fatiguing.

As does this still thriving Trump trope or obsession. Will Democrats ever be satisfied by, say, 690 different lawsuits mounted against the Donald and family, or associates? Doubtful.

Their view often seems to be that whatever now happens negatively in America remains this ex-president’s fault. By contrast there was a Democratic leader in the ‘40s who famously declared that the buck stopped with him, and that if one couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen, one should vamoose. He was of course a president one could actually question and critique. He was one who took full responsibility for his actions, including the controversial use of atomic bombs to end the war with Japan.

FDR, Truman’s long-lasting predecessor, also copped to his views and policies. So did JFK later on in his high-stakes gamble vis-à-vis Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Now we’re hardly allowed to critique Mr. Biden at all. That can be rapidly daubed as a form of “extremism.” We’re simply supposed to endure whatever he and fellow Democrats want to impose on us.

Even if Biden’s policies have mainly hurt, not helped, there is still a reliable bogeyman to trot out: Trump, Trump, Trump! Talk about magical thinking. If I just carry around a Trump figurine and curse it all day long, maybe the country’s fortunes will improve? So too many Dems seem to feel.

Anyone in that party, particularly Congressmen and women, who somehow eludes this MO deserves credit, in my view. At least such types stop being rubber stamps or lemmings, skirting objective evaluation of facts and evidence. So far about the best we can do there are Mr. Manchin or Ms. Sinema.

Meanwhile, the handy Trump obsession or excuse won’t go away soon, even if we have some terrible, crippling act of terror, even if our cities go from bad to worse, and even if inflation keeps mounting and the market keeps sinking, etc. That’s the essence of magical thinking: it simply ain’t rational and never will be.

And yet so many Dems won’t give it up when it comes to an ex-president they can keep on bitching about and investigating. What about giving any credit to the Donald and his policies when in office? Forget THAT, OK? The vaccines would have happened as expeditiously under Biden, right? And of course the inflation rate will one day return to what it was under Trump, so be patient, including when filling the tank or visiting the hardware store. The crime rate will come down, too, especially if we keep defanging law enforcement. The open southern border? It’s actually under control as we speak, so not to worry. and somehow, the Afghanistan debacle will be deemed OK, too, once “progressives” worthy of Pravda publish revisionist works on the subject.

But meanwhile, there’s one issue, one person most all Democrats can agree on: Donald Trump. Yes, Trump forever and ad nauseam! Trump as all-weather devil, the one who needs to be trashed and litigated much more than has yet been done.

Not much of a “policy,” is it?

B.B. Singer has taught at several area colleges including Niagara University.

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