As the president of the Technical Support Personnel Association representing blue collar labor at NCCC, I bristled when I read your comments in the “Our View” section of Feb. 28. I speak only for myself and the union I represent, and in no way represent the opinions and actions of anyone else.

Being in contract negotiations for the last 11/2 years and currently being at impasse with those negotiations, the TSPA has never considered using the “no confidence” vote that the union had given to Klyczek, prior to the one given by the faculty association, as a factor during our attempts to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

And, despite our differences, I honestly do not feel that the college administration have used it as a factor, either.

For the editors of this newspaper to insinuate that a “no confidence” vote “might return to haunt” the faculty association in their upcoming contract negotiations, is irresponsible and unwarranted. It is insulting to both parties and any other related-issue parties, to make that assumption, and you know what happens when you assume.

And who are these people that feel the vote will return to haunt the F.A., as you state in Paragraph 3? Please enlighten us and be more specific and precise. This article must have been needed as a fill-in for the left side of page 11A, and your continuing one-sided, overall anti-union bias is again profoundly in print.

Bob Brammer, President, TSPA

Niagara County Community College

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