What about 72nd Street?

After reading the top nine worst roads in the city awaiting stimulus money, I was thoroughly disgusted. I may not travel on all of those roads on a regular basis to know the extent of their damage, but one road I travel on numerous times a day is 72nd Street.

Not so long ago, we were promised it was going to take precedence after 77th Stree, and city officials were waiting on funds as well as for the job to go out to bid. Now, I am not a road repair expert by any means, but it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that the road is far beyond repair. Even a patch job to hold it over until something better comes along hasn’t happened. No Pothole Killer on that street lately, nope, not even an effort.

My concern is this road is between two elementary schools — 79th Street and Cataract, not to mention other schools in the area. This road is heavily traveled on by parents driving their kids to and from these schools being that it is the closet connecting road from Buffalo Avenue to Niagara Falls Boulevard. Not only is there school traffic, but many children walk home through this area. With these various distractions, the continuous growth of the giant-sized craters, it is getting difficult to avoid car damage or hitting someone.

I would like to know why 72nd Street continues to be brushed aside?

Gina Urban

Niagara Falls

Stimulating job growth

Dear President Obama: My purpose in writing is to request that a monetary grant in a substantial amount be authorized for Buffalo’s Chamber of Commerce. Also, for that of Buffalo’s neighboring city, Niagara Falls.

I would ask, too, that the stimulus monies be specifically earmarked for the area’s restaurateurs for the hiring of life musicians.

Please know, sir, that Joe the plumber, this Joe the piano player and countless other job-needy Joes across the land are praying that our president’s employment-generating goals will be achieved.

Joseph A. Carnevale


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