Suspension with pay is just another vacation

I read that Niagara Falls City Court Judge Robert Restaino has been suspended with pay while waiting for an appeal.

The State Commission of Judicial Conduct made a decision to remove him from the bench for misconduct. This particular paid suspension has been on going for three months or more.

Someone needs to explain to me the difference between “suspension with pay” and “vacation.” In the private sector where I spent my career, there are no suspensions with pay. If an employee or manager or CEO fails to perform his/her job as expected or steals from his employer or commits any of a multitude of other corporate sins, the solution is simple: He or she is fired. End of story. Go find another job.

Conversely, if a person is privileged to be employed in the public sector, he has a job for life no matter how poor his performance. Judges, teachers, police officers, municipal employees and others are regularly suspended with pay. What kind of punishment is this? To those employed in private sector jobs this paid time off is called “vacation.” These extended paid suspensions are of course funded by tax payers money. One last question is, in the remote possibility that the appeal fails and the decision to remove him stands, will the good judge be required to pay back this vacation money?

Paul A. Otto


Local coaches deserve praise

This is in regards to the recent letters on coaches.

To the Cataract/NBA coaches (and all coaches involved in youth sports): Keep up the good work. We all support your good intentions and efforts in this troubling world that surrounds us. Please don’t get discouraged. Your good deeds are seen and appreciated by many and will be recognized and remembered by these children you mentor of many years to come.

Two thumbs up.

Donna Klinger

Niagara Falls