This letter is in response to the rumor that Mayor Paul Dyster plans to run for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s congressional seat. He has not done anything to show that he is worthy of Slaughter’s congressional seat. He can’t even oversee his Public Works’ division, as evidenced by the deplorable condition and the job not done on our roads.

A drive down Buffalo Avenue west of Hyde Park Boulevard is a case in point. How can you justify filling in a couple of potholes on one side of the street and totally ignore the opposite side? Is this an attempt to pacify? To say: “Look, we filled in some holes.” Or is this just anther inept administration, appointed supervisors and all? With appointed being the operative word.

Another case in point is the recently announced plan to redo Pine Avenue again from Portage Road to Hyde Park Boulevard. There is nothing wrong with this stretch of road, but if you continue to travel east of Hyde Park Boulevard, you will lose your vehicle in some of the largest craters not found on the moon.

Forget Little Italy and fix Little Beirut.

And last but not least, the removal of the Robert Moses Parkway. This is the only stretch of road in a 20-mile radius that is actually taken care of by the state of course. Why remove it? To make hostages of the people visiting Niagara Falls? To force people to travel where they do not want to go? Why not just build a fence around the city, get a movie camera and call the debacle “Escape from Niagara Falls?” We can show the movie in our non-existent visitor’s center.

Give people a reason to stay — to travel down Main Street and the rest will take care of itself. Why penalize the people of Lewiston, whose politicians know how to do things right? The existence of the parkway is not the reason people don’t say here. And contrary to what some say, removing it will not result in this miraculous rise in eco-tourism. There are better uses for scarce funds than removing a roadway that actually has value.

Joe Grabka is a Niagara Falls resident.

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