A lot of positives in the Falls

This is in response to a guest view written by Bob Krause entitled “Are you happy with Niagara Falls?”

Yes, I am happy with Niagara Falls. I always look to the positive side of her. Here are a few positives:

n She is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the U.S. Especially when they shine the various colored lights on the falls at night.

n All her natural beauty, the casino, the outlet mall and the lovely parks.

I saw her through her difficult times and her good times. What makes a good, successful city? It’s good, positive people who remain good and loyal and care about their hometown.

Good or bad, Niagara Falls will always be good enough for me and I would not even think of trading her in for another place.

Judith Rodriguez

Niagara Falls

Catholics need to take a stand

Now that the Catholics in Niagara Falls have been made aware of the plan of the diocese for our churches, I ask you to step back and take a broad look at the total picture. What churches are closing and what churches are merging? The parishes designated to be closed are all beautiful, traditional churches that reveal the mystery of our faith. They tend toward reverence for the sacred beyond the veil that limits our human vision. Those that are designated to remain open are modern and devoid of the aura of mystery. Yes, St. Joseph’s Church is to remain open and re-evaluated in three years. To you, I say, please don’t be overconfident! Remember our school? It was closed before anyone knew what was happening.

And now I hope and pray that we are not so parochial as to merely attempt to protect our own turf, but look at the broader picture of the plan that eliminates the beautiful heritage and tradition that is an integral part of our Catholic faith and our city. Yes, there are Catholics of great faith in all of our churches — modern and traditional alike. I merely look at the plan of the diocese as one that is destructive of our inherent beauty and is deliberately ignoring the needs of our elderly in the inner city who are the pillars of our faith. These many individuals have prayed, worked and sacrificed for years to maintain their houses of worship. What would Jesus say to them of their sacrifice?

A house divided cannot stand, and we have fallen into the trap of seeking self-preservation. There is great bickering and division among the faithful of our city. However, I believe it is never too late to stand together as the Catholics of Niagara Falls and review the destruction that is being forced upon us. Let us consider the needy and elderly of our inner city. Let us consider the beauty of our churches that is being relegated as unnecessary to our worship. Let us look to the future and wonder what will our posterity experience regarding the beauty of our heritage and the mystery of our faith. Let us pray and work together to protect our churches for the future and continue to meet the needs of our faithful.

Andrea Cale

Niagara Falls