Something special is happening in Niagara Falls. The city is poised to reinvent itself as a world-class tourist destination. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, momentum has been building over the past several years in a way that is reminiscent of the early stages of Buffalo’s transformation.

A group of committed and visionary public officials, business owners and residents have been moving important projects forward. Some of these projects are large and transformational in and of themselves, but most are smaller, “incremental” projects.

Connections between the downtown core and the waterway are being re-established. Niagara Falls State Park has been rebuilt and is starting to realize its potential. Streetscapes and circulation patterns in the city are being intelligently redesigned. A new train station has been built that could serve as a key access point to the Greater Toronto Area, opening up the possibility of easy travel to and from Canada’s largest city. Public-private partnerships have been established to complete several meaningful projects in the central tourism district. Vibrancy and walkability is returning to 3rd Street with restaurants and shops and public art.

This year it appears that a critical mass is being reached, a tipping point, just like the one that was reached in Buffalo about 10 years ago and is continuing today.

The Robert Moses Parkway north of downtown is being removed and converted into parkland and greenspace. In addition to creating a spectacular natural tourist attraction, this will transform the surrounding residential neighborhoods by reconnecting them to the Niagara Gorge.

A significant number of properties in the downtown core and along Main Street that sat undeveloped for decades have recently changed hands and are becoming active projects. The optimism of residents is starting to grow. Outside investors are seeing opportunity and taking on new projects, as well.

It is important to recognize and appreciate the efforts and the passion of those who have committed themselves to turning Niagara Falls around over the past decade. They have set the stage for this important moment.

TM Montante Development is honored to play a small part in this growing momentum. We are currently completing a project in Niagara Falls to restore three abandoned buildings at the corner of 7th and Niagara streets, which sits at a gateway to the downtown core. Vacant structures will become vibrant again, housing new residents and workers that will call downtown Niagara Falls their home and their place of work.

TM Montante Development is investing in Niagara Falls because we see the progress that’s been made, because we believe in the City’s future. We hope that others will also see this progress and recognize the incredible opportunity that now exists to invest in the rebuilding of the great City of Niagara Falls.

Christian Campos is President of TM Montante Development.

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