On behalf of Lewiston Council on the Arts, I want to thank our faithful and dedicated volunteer actors who sacrifice every Saturday night in September and October to perform in the Marble Orchard Ghost Walks. The Marble Orchard Players are a polished and talented cast that braves the rain and cold to provide audiences with an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

We give a heartfelt thank you to our seasoned 'Players' who bring their mischievous characters to life. They include: 

• Tim Henderson who revealed the witty side of abolitionist Josiah Tryon.

• Claudia Carnes as the oh, so proper wife of Reverend David Smith.

• Kathryn Serianni as the lively and colorful inventor of the cocktail.

• Anna Frankovitch warmed audience hearts as (br-r-r-r-r-r) Frozen Charlotte.

• Lynda LaGreca, who portrayed Nina Starkweather with drama and humor.

• Lilu Penelope, who's beautiful voice added harmony to the show.

• Don Batalaris as Doug (Dug) Graves, who despite being the undertaker, never let anybody down.

• Lewiston Town Board member John Jacoby for sharing his "gallows" humor.  

We are also grateful for our newest cast member, Town of Wheatfield Historian himself, Justin Higner, for playing the part of Captain James Van Cleeve, who's maniacal laughter reminded us that ... Only the shadow knows!  We appreciate every one of you for your friendship and support! 

We are also grateful for our volunteer ticket takers for managing the crowds, and last, but certainly not least, we thank our enthusiastic audiences for supporting our efforts. The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks are an important fundraiser for the art council and the money we earn makes it possible for us to present many free events in our community. 

Hope to see you again next year!

Eva Nicklas, (a.k.a. Witch Hazel) of the Lewiston Council on the Arts.

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