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While shopping at Wal-Mart, I saw a gentleman wearing what I believed to be a Pakistani hat (I looked up hats and found "kufi" hats in the library computer — yay library!) and complimented his wife on her clothing. I will never know what nationality they were — it is politically incorrect to ask — but we shared the common language of a smile for a compliment given and accepted.

Near the service desk at the front of the store, a gentleman was dressed in a kilt. I was compelled to walk over and compliment him. Again, we shared smiles.

I often listen to the Spanish speaking workers, and the flowing musicality of the speech pleases my ear. I admit to finding it a bit annoying, but that is only because I worked with bilingual people who spoke English better than I speak Spanish. One of them said something, then they all turned and laughed in my direction, an indication that perhaps I should at least learn some rudimentary Spanish!

On my way out of the store, I was politically incorrect. I asked the young worker where he was from (lovely accent) and he replied he is from Mexico originally. He didn't seem to mind when I told him I was writing an article in favor of diversity, and did not mean to be politically incorrect, but wanted to share the adventure.

What adventure can one find at the stores? People not like me. Different dress, different colors, different accents.

Other cultures may be a bit odd in my view, but I'd win the bet they think I'm odd, too! We may not totally understand one another, but I believe we should try to enjoy diversity.

I do not know about anyone else, but I would find it deadly dull to have nothing but people exactly like me in the world. It may lead to differences, but a totally calm life is, I feel, boring beyond belief.

Nan Hassall resides in Lockport.

How about this ...

Eat white bread

morning, noon and night

but no butter.

It is yellow.


Drink purified water,

morning, noon, and night,

but no cherry Kool-Aid.

It is red.


Drink cold milk

morning, noon, and night

but not chocolate.

It is brown.


Eat sweet candy,

morning, noon, and night,

But not licorice.

It is black.


Isn't that menu


Too, too restrictive

And damn bloody


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