Brother, can you spare a dime?

Of course you can.

The holiday giving season is officially under way. Red Kettle “ringers” are out in force already, the tinkles of their bells reminding us a world of need exists 365 days a year in our own front yard.

Stores everywhere beckon the generous-hearted to pitch a toy or two into a bin so kids who don’t have the greatest day-to-day circumstances will smile brightly at Christmas.

The pleas for help are as poignant and pressing as ever.

We would be foolish to believe though that it's going to be easy for all of us to give this year. Let’s face it, we have been giving all year long. The many natural disasters this year — the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina top that list — brought many to dig deep into their bank accounts to help people who lives had been ripped a part.

That giving was felt not just here in Western New York, but throughout the country. That giving touched many.

Now, we are asking that you try to give one more time. And this time, it’s not to help hurricane or tsunami victims, but rather your neighbors.

Families need food on the table during the holidays, children are in need of jackets and warm clothing and it would be nice to provide the little ones, who without your help won’t find anything under the Christmas tree, a few presents this holiday season.

Anybody who has a pay or pension check coming in, a roof over his head and food to eat is blessed enough to be able to share a little with others. It doesn't have to be much. Give what you can. But just give.

As another giving season gets under way, let's all make a point of rising to the occasion.