For those of you heading to the polls to vote in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election, we once again ask you to consider who can best deliver for the 138th District.

Without question we believe that to be incumbent Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte.

As we stated a few weeks ago, it’s not usually the policy of the Gazette to endorse candidates during a primary, but there’s a lot at stake for local residents in this race. Everything is falling into place for the 138th District to reap huge benefits if DelMonte is re-elected.

Democratic Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is a prohibitive favorite to win the governor’s race and the Assembly will surely remain in Democratic control. That upends a 12-year-long foundation for Republicans and essentially moves control of state government from the GOP to Democrats. The state Assembly moves from being a force, to being THE force in state


DelMonte is perfectly placed to benefit from that transition. Her relationship with speaker Sheldon Silver in the Assembly is a valuable asset for the 138th District and the Niagara region as a whole. In addition, DelMonte has a long and distinguished list of accomplishments in the


As a potential first-year legislator, Democratic challenger Gary Parenti simply will not have that clout. The District and the region can’t afford to surrender the positioning worked for and earned by DelMonte in service to her constituents.

DelMonte has worked tirelessly on issues ranging from environmental concerns, economic development and constituent service to securing casino cash. In the case of the casino cash, she was the lone voice for 138th District residents in opposition to a Republican governor and Republican-controlled Senate bent on fleecing city residents out of its fair share and control of the cash. Simply put, one vote doesn’t trump two.

Parenti and his Erie County puppet masters are distorting DelMonte’s record and her


Niagara Falls and the Niagara region needs DelMonte. She is the clear and only choice to deliver political clout and benefit to the Falls.

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