It’s remarkable, the things that get people worked up these days.

There’s a fierce debate raging over the use of greetings such as “Happy Holidays” over “Merry Christmas.”

Seems more than a little silly to us.

“Don’t take Christ out of Christmas,” conservative groups say as they claim the holiday greeting is an attack on Christianity and launch campaigns to boycott companies refusing to say “Merry Christmas.”

First off, we’re not sure Christmas is so much a religious holiday anymore. These days, it’s more of a celebration of shopping and decorating your house with blinking lights and snowmen.

When you hear the word “Christmas,” who pops to mind first — Christ or Santa Claus?

If it’s different for your family, we salute you, but, sadly, Christmas has become a secular holiday that’s been all but hijacked by commercial interests.

We can’t imagine forcing people to say “Merry Christmas” will change any of that.

Putting all that aside, just how is saying “Happy Holidays” disparaging the Christian faith?

This time of year is more than just a celebration of Christmas — it’s also when holidays such as Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan are celebrated.

For many, the greeting “Happy Holidays” is simply an attempt to spread good will and include everyone in on the seasonal celebration.

Shouldn’t that be what the Christmas season is all about?