Yeah ... It’s kindergarten in City Hall. Let’s give everyone in City Hall a box of crayons and a coloring book. Seems that is about all they know how to use. Except collecting tax money and cashing checks. I’m waiting for my canceled checks to come back with “For deposit only” scrawled in crayon on the back. Show me the money!

We don’t need cops for speed enforcement in the city. Just go over 20 mph down any non-state maintained road, and your car will fall apart. You need seat belts so you don’t bounce out. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I live on a farm now. And I can drive down the dirt lanes in the orchards and they blow away the city’s streets for smoothness. 

Here is another hot one. Why is there a big sign at the bottom of the North Grand Island Bridge Exit off 190 and Buffalo Avenue that directs traffic to the Seneca Niagara Casino? How come I can’t have a sign there to Dave’s Bar and Grill? What a slap in the face to every business owner in Niagara Falls. And who is responsible for allowing that sign? Who paid for it? The state of New York? Yeah ... I’d like to know if my tax money put it there.

Seems we can’t get our share of the casino money, but we put up free advertising for them. And further undermine local restaurants and bars. It’s bad enough New York invoked this smoking ban that killed business. Hey, just go to (their) hang out and do whatever ya like. Oh, that’s competitive.

All them places are for adults. Adults are supposed to make their own decisions. So some idiot walks into the casino and blows a paycheck and his family starves. That’s OK, right? It’s still a health issue, a quality of life issue. Hey, there are lots of ways to threaten your health. Let’s not forget all the booze they serve at the casino. How many people leave there smashed and drive home that shouldn’t? I am not against drinking, gambling, smoking. I am 100 percent against drugs. But as adults, it’s your choice how you want to ruin your health/life. Smoking is bad, sure. Why not pass a law that you can’t suck on a car tailpipe or a shotgun? Sit in a closed garage with the engine running. No, the frail argument is healthcare costs associated to smoking.

Then why are all those bill boards popping about gambling addiction and how to get help? Oh, so we pay for publicly-funded programs to deal with that. Oh, we can coddle to this but not that. It’s all the same! If you have a problem, you have a problem. Who determines you have a problem? It’s none of anybody’s business. You will meet your own demise through your own behavior. It’s only a matter of time. You’re lucky because so many other things threaten your life every day.

 Now those clowns running the city came up with this ridiculously expensive new courthouse plan. What happened to using the old school on Walnut? Lots of room and easy to modify single story building. Oh no, we can’t fix a pothole and can only use cold patch. And believe me, I would not buy that garbage at a home shopping store to fix my driveway. But they can blow $37 million on this courthouse. If the real hitch was known, it probably comes down to not enough graft for all the players. While they may loose $12 million in state aid. So tell me, where has that $12 million in state aid gone over all this time?

I’m a businessman ... I see through things. I also make investments. Lost my shirt in Niagara Falls. But I think I’ll buy stock in a company that makes handcuffs. 

Take a look around that city. Run down. Industry leaving. It’s a joke. And property values sinking like crazy. I still own property there. I want to sell it. I can’t find a Realtor interested in listing it at my price. They want me to sell it for less than I bought it for 30 years ago. And I put a ton of money into when I lived there. It does not add up.

I have been following the activities of the new LaSalle Pride people. It’s a very admirable endeavor. These people using their own time money and equipment to clean up areas like Cayuga Creek. It is hard, hazardous work and they are doing it for no personal gain. They are just sick of seeing all the dead trees making the waterway impassable. It’s not a good place to operate a power boat.

However, when you cannot navigate a canoe, I’d say there is a problem. It’s nice to see someone be a steward and take care of what was once a nice place. Now they are seeking additional funding and help from the city. Anello says money has been set aside. Ha ha ha .... I still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny...

I’d bet if Anello was a boater, he would take care of the poor condition of city docks in the past years. Missing boards, broken/missing cleats, no life preserver rings or toilet facilities. No emergency phone. But the cops routinely show up and tag cars for any violation. Like parking on the grass. But there is no sign prohibiting that. There are no lines designating parking areas. It’s a free-for-all. People come there as sightseers in their cars and block the ramps. Or park wherever they like, taking up places where vehicles with boat trailers need to park.

The city is a joke. I’m still wondering how much it cost the taxpayers to put Jim Gallie’s name all over every public building and any place else he wanted and the cost to remove/replace the signs with Gallie’s name plastered all over. Think about that people of Niagara Falls.

Who authorized that? It gives me an insight to how loose the fiscal system is there. Anything goes. Don’t forget the screwed up parking meters’ deal and the money wasted there. We ate that one, too.

Dave Brockway is a Ransomville resident.

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