Niagara County Workforce Development Board

Niagara County Workforce Development Board

“The last time I got a job, I walked in and asked if they were hiring. I filled in a piece of paper and they asked when I could start working.”

The days of getting your foot in the door by, well, putting your foot in the door are past. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way businesses interview and hire candidates.

So what’s changed? Interviews are often conducted remotely today, either using online meeting platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, or by calling and speaking with candidates.

You may have participated in online meetings or group phone calls, but interviewing remotely requires preparation. Here are some questions for you to consider.

• Who might interrupt you? If possible, you’ll want a pet-free and child-free quiet place with a door you can close.

• Are you dressed for success? Wearing an interview appropriate outfit demonstrates that you are ready to be hired.

• Is your cell phone or laptop fully charged? Your battery should not run out mid-interview.

• Where is your resume? It should be in front of you, so you can refer to it as you talk.

• Is your tech working today? Be sure to login 5-10 minutes early to make sure your microphone and camera are functioning properly.

• What else is showing in your camera? Clear away the clutter and any personal items.

• Can you see your face? Your face should be centered in the camera frame.

• What about lights? For your best shot, you want lighting to be in front of you. Block out sunny spots behind you, if needed. The interviewer should be able to see your facial expressions clearly.

• Smile! Even if you’re on the phone, smiling changes your voice for the better.

If you would benefit from a practice interview, Niagara’s WorkSourceOne Career Center offers free remote mock interviews using Zoom. You also may be able to reserve space for your remote interview, at no cost, at the Niagara Falls Career Center. To access these and many other free services for businesses and job seekers, please visit or call 716-278-8108.

By taking the steps above, you will be poised for a more successful interview outcome.

Bonnie Rice is the executive director of the Niagara County Workforce Development Board. All Career Center services are funded by a federal WIOA Grant.

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