When Bradley Inzinga was an undergrad at Niagara University seeking his marketing degree, he would sometimes cut hair in his dorm room for extra cash.  

Because he was good at it — and because he enjoyed it — upon graduation from NU in 2017, he went to barber school at the Buffalo School of Barbering.

It’s the combination of both those educational experiences that will serve him as owner of a brand new barbershop on Hyde Park Avenue in Niagara Falls. 

The 23-year-old has opened Niagara Barber Co. at 3510 Hyde Park Blvd., in a neighborhood not far from his alma matter, a neighborhood which he hopes to help improve, especially because the college and the city are important to him and his family, though he grew up in Rochester.

“My parents met at NU,” he said, “which I think was pretty cool. My dad’s parents met at Jenss Department Store. I’ve always heard about the beauty of Niagara Falls.”

“It was a lot different than I expected,” he said of the city, “but I see a lot of opportunity here.” And, he added, smiling, “without this city, I wouldn’t be here.”

Although his new shop and a second building he owns are tidy, decorated with a barber pole and American flag banner, the neighborhood is challenged by some vacancies and unkempt properties. He hopes to change that.

Inzinga plans to fill the second building with a new business, but not just any business. He wants the building to house a business that will be beneficial to both residents and college students. If he can’t find a good tenant, he plans to start another business there, yet to be determined, himself.

Meanwhile, he’ll be offering the traditional barbershop services, including hot towel shaves with a straight edge razor, as well as contemporary styles.

Another barber whom he met at barber school, Darin Mort of Niagara Falls, will be working at the shop along with him. 

When asked if he was happy with his new place, the young entreprenuer thought for a moment and said, “There’s always more to be done.”

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