Platter’s Chocolates annual Spongefest will return to North Tonawanda this fall for its third year. 

The centerpiece of the festival is the 5k Race, which will take place in Wurlitzer Park on Sept. 21. The race was approved by the North Tonawanda Common Council on Tuesday and will follow a path behind the Platter’s facility in the Wurlitzer Building, following the same route the race took at the 2018 Spongefest. 

Though they’re still in the planning stages, past Spongefest events have spanned multiple days and featured sponge candy tastings, live music and activities for children. 

According to a letter submitted to the council by John DiGuiseppe, Platter’s vice president of business development, They’re hoping to kick the festival off on Sept. 20 with a fundraising event. During the festival’s first two years, Platter’s was able to raise $15,000 for the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief.