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YOUNGSTOWN — Summer isn’t over yet and in the thick of fireworks, music and festivals, some events seem to slip through the cracks. However, the Youngstown Free Library asks you not to forget this one! 

Billed as a garage sale and fundraiser at the Red Brick Building on Lockport Street in Youngstown, the library will be collecting old eyeglasses, sunglasses and hearing aids between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday to help out the Lions Club in its mission to provide people in need of those essentials.

“The library is doing the garage sale, the Lions are doing a hot dog sale and at the same time we’re doing an eyeglass collection,” Lauren Morse, a trustee for the library said. “So, it’s like a big kit and caboodle of everything!”

In the midst of looking for something fun and help the library, Morse said that they started talking to the Lions and found out that the group was always collecting eyeglasses and hearing aids.

“So, it kind of went with the theme of collecting stuff,” Morse said, referring to the ongoing used-shoe collection, the past electronics recycling collection, and a future used tire collection pending approval by village officials. “It’s kind of like an all-encompassing event. Morse also mentioned that baked goods would be sold and the library will be collecting bottles and cans to raise funds as well according to the flyer.

“We’re doing different things, kind of testing things out,” Morse said. “It gets hard to continually ask for money and we’re also aware that the community needs services, so we’re happy to do a fundraiser and also provide a service.”

Morse said that currently, the shoe-drive is at a third of its goal and will be running through August for anyone to donate pairs of gently worn shoes. She predicted that the tire collection will be in September but that the date was uncertain.

“We’re also going to be doing a chicken barbecue, we haven’t locked in a vendor yet, but I think it’s going to be Bandanas,” Morse said.

“It seems we’re getting a lot of traffic with the shoes, people are excited about that,” Morse continued. “And when we did the electronics recycling event, people were thrilled about that! So, I think it’s definitely performing a service that’s needed.”

Donations for the garage sale can be dropped off at the Red Brick Building between noon and 6 p.m. on Friday.