Town Supervisor Joe Jastrzemski and five others were told to leave Tuscarora-Wilson Park while they were mowing the grounds Sunday afternoon.

Jastrzemski, councilman Tom Thompson and Zoning Board chairman Doug Thompson were working on the park in preparation for Memorial Day. Rich Hickman, John Clark and former board member Melinda Major were helping.

“We were mowing entire park. We could have finished the job in two more hours,” Jastrzemski said. “The State Park manager told us we had to leave, that was it.”

The group wanted to continue and offered to sign a waiver in the event of an injury but they were denied, according to Jastrzemski.

The state closed several state parks on last Monday, including Tuscarora-Wilson Park on at Route 18 which is bordered by Lake Ontario and Lake Road. The state has mowed 7-feet from the roads, but left the interior of park uncut.

There is no gate at the entrance of the park and several people from around the county have been using the grounds and the boat dock. “We want people to enjoy it next weekend, Memorial Day,” the supervisor said. “Doug at Tom (Thompson) took the bull by horns and we haven’t stopped.”

Until the State Park police car arrived about 3:30 p.m.

 Jastrzemski, who has offered to take over the park from the state, had said. “The state came in and took that park from the residents of Wilson. They started to develop it. It’s a beautiful park that everyone can enjoy in the area, and for them to turn around and just let it go unused and don’t keep it up is ludicrous.”

 Jastrzemski wants the grass mowed and the restroom by the boat launch to be open.

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