A special workshop meeting of the Wheatfield Town Board that would, among other business, revisit the rezoning request of the White Linen Tea House has been postponed until Monday.

The meeting that was originally set for Wednesday was planned to open and award a bid for a construction project to upsize the southern drainage system in the town, but the board was also going to hear a presentation from tea house owner Linda Kloch and engineer Tim Arlington to clear up questions the board has on the potential rezoning of the Shawnee Road home from residential to commercial.

“The special workshop was originally called to open bids for the drainage project not for the tea house,” Wheatfield Town Supervisor Tim Demler said. “I have talked with the planning board and I have a plan I want to present to the town board that would protect the interest of the immediate neighborhood but would allow for restricted zoning.”

According to Demler, the meeting was rescheduled because one councilman was out of town.

On June 11, the board voted down a measure to allow the business’ owners to continue operating a small tea and sandwich shop, which does not conform with the property’s current zoning in a 2-2 vote with one abstention.

Voting in favor of the rezoning with stipulations that would have required the business conform to several zoning codes within 90 days, were Demler and Councilman Gilbert Doucet. Voting against the measure were Retzlaff and Councilman Art Palmer. Helwig abstained, leaving the measure one vote shy of the three needed for passage. Helwig’s mother operates a boutique in the adjacent Antique Barn and Co-op, according to Demler and Helwig wanted to avoid any conflicts of interest.

A special use permit was granted to allow the barns to be converted into what is now the Antique Co-op. With this permit, Kloch was told to comply with several parking and safety issues with the site plan to bring the building to code.

According to Town Attorney Robert O’Toole, even if the proposal is approved, the tea house wouldn’t be allowed to open until it was in compliance with all the zoning laws.

“The plan would create an overlay district with restricted zoning but only if the tea house complies (with requirements of the site plan),” Demler said.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at town hall, 2800 Church Road.