WHEATFIELD — The Niagara County Sheriff’s Department is awaiting the results of medical tests on the driver of an NFTA trolley that was involved in an accident Saturday afternoon on River Road that left a 59-year-old woman dead.

Alfred Weeden, 48, was tested at the accident scene and was found to have a low blood-sugar count, according to Capt. Steven Preisch.

“It’s a little premature, but what it’s looking like is that the bus driver was suffering from some sort of medical condition that he didn’t know he had,” Preisch said.

Weeden was treated and released from the Erie County Medical Center, Preisch said.

Weeden was on his way to a stop at The Summit at 4:50 p.m. when he rear-ended a car that was waiting to turn left. That car, driven by Donald Trowbridge, 45, was forced into oncoming traffic and was hit by a second vehicle, driven by Timothy Dunford, of North Tonawanda.

The passenger in Trowbridge’s vehicle was ejected and died at the scene. Dunford was treated at the scene, while his wife, Susan Dunford, was taken to Mount St. Mary’s Medical Center complaining of back pain.

Preisch said the coroner has requested that the woman’s name not be released because he was having trouble notifying her family. The woman’s driver’s license indicated she was a Buffalo resident, Preisch said.

Weeden will be tested for any possible medical condition and if it’s determined he had one that he was unaware of, charges likely would not be filed, Preisch said. But if it turns out to be a condition he was aware of but neglected, or if he doesn’t have one at all, charges will probably be filed, he added.

Also, investigators will be looking into the possibility of mechanical failure.

“We are going to be conducting an inspection of the bus and the other 2 vehicles that were involved,” Preisch said. That is normal for a serious accident, the captain said.

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