Security cameras in the 1900 block of Welch Avenue captured footage of several women smashing up a victim's vehicle and apartment in a violent assault early Tuesday.

According to the Niagara Fall Police Department, a neighbor's surveillance video recorded three females running up to the 21-year-old female victim's apartment. The assailants broke the front and side windows of the residence with "unknown objects" before fleeing, according to a report. 

About 20 minutes after the initial damage, the footage showed the victim arrive in a vehicle and enter her home. Another car, described as a white four-door with a sunroof, then pulled up. A pair of women exited and began shattering the windows of the victim's vehicle. 

The victim ran out of her house and chased the two women out of the camera's view. A short time later, the victim could be seen back in the camera frame holding her head.

A witness said he saw three women repeatedly strike the victim with an "unknown object," described as possibly being a "baseball bat." A different witness said the suspects got back in the car after the assault and sped off, shouting: "We whooped her (expletive)."

A detective was dispatched to the scene and another went to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, where the victim was being treated. The victim was uncooperative when questioned, according to police.