The blasting at the LaFarge stone quarry was silenced Monday morning after Town of Niagara officials served the business with an injunction ordering it to “cease and desist operations” detrimental to residents of the nearby Tuscarora Village mobile home community.

Signed by Town Building Inspector Charles E. Haseley, the order was delivered to LaFarge management at 10:30 a.m., Town Supervisor Steve Richards said. A blast that was scheduled to happen at noon Monday was called off.

“They were in violation of town law, so we closed them down,” Richards said.

The order claims the quarry has violated town law by creating dust and other safety hazards harmful to nearby residents. In addition, the noise and vibrations from the blasting have hurt residents’ quality of life and damaged portions of their homes, the order said.

A resident of Tuscarora Village suffered a concussion and a lower back sprain Friday after falling in the shower while the quarry was blasting. She was treated at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and is now recovering at home.

Richards was on site during that blast and immediately contacted Town Attorney Michael Risman to research possible action against LaFarge to halt future blastings.

“It crossed the line at that point,” Richards said.

Tuscarora Village residents realized something was different at the quarry almost immediately Monday when everything was silent as they walked outside, said Sharon Ruth, who is among the residents who have opposed the blastings.

“We’re glad that steps are being taken, but they’re only temporary steps,” she said, adding that residents still ask for what they’ve wanted all along. “We don’t want to get hurt, we don’t want to get sick and we don’t want our houses caving in.”

LaFarge will have to appeal the order in town court or comply to the town’s safety and health stipulations before it can begin blasting again.

Bill Poole, general manager of the quarry, could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon. He said Friday the quarry has taken steps to reduce the level of blasting, despite being within legal limits according to federal regulations.

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