A bystander trying to help a motorist who had gone off the road was killed after being struck by a car Wednesday night on Bowmiller Road.

State police say Roy K. Dietz, 73, of Bowmiller Road, was trying to help Angela Goodman, 37, of Lockport, whose car had slid into a ditch outside Dietz’s home about 5 p.m.

Goodman had been driving north on Bowmiller Road when she lost control of her car due to the icy conditions, the report said.

As Dietz was trying to help a passenger out of Goodman’s car, another car, driven by 41-year-old Andrea Walton of Middleport, approached coming northbound on Bowmiller Road.

Walton’s car slid out of control and struck Goodman’s car, hitting the passenger-side door and striking Dietz.

“It’s just a terrible thing,” State Police Investigator Mark Suszka said. “He came out of his house to help somebody.”

The Lockport Fire Department responded and transported Dietz to Erie County Medical Center, where he later died.

Police ticketed both Goodman and Walton for driving at speeds unsafe for road conditions.

Suszka said the roads were covered in ice and freezing rain was falling at the time.

The crash was one of many in the area caused by the icy conditions Wednesday.

“There were cars off the road all over,” Suszka said.