Three people were charged Saturday night after police say they made false statements in an effort to cover up a car accident.

Deputies responded to a Sunset Drive home about 1:12 a.m. Sunday for a report of a stolen vehicle. David P. Stefanko, 28, 7207 Ridge Road, Gasport, told deputies someone had removed the license plates from a vehicle in his driveway and switched them with the plates on his pickup, then drove off.

Stefanko told deputies he was in his living room when he heard someone start his truck. He said he heard a loud crash and looked outside to see a vehicle in the ditch up the road. He told deputies he ran up to the truck to see if it was his, and when he got there, it was unoccupied.

While deputies were interviewing Stefanko, they also spoke with Amie C. Gregg, 22, 4980 Shunpike Road, who was also at the Sunset Drive home. Gregg told deputies her boyfriend, Jeremy Zastrow, 22, also of 4980 Shunpike Road, had been at the home earlier, but had left before deputies arrived.

Deputies noticed a trail of blood leading up to the house. Stefanko told deputies the blood was “from earlier in the day,” the report said.

Deputies asked Stefanko to go inside and wake up the resident of the Sunset Drive home so they could interview him. When Stefanko went inside, deputies saw him through the window talking to a man in a white tank top and blue jeans, who had been lying on the couch. They saw the man get off the couch and run upstairs after speaking with Stefanko.

Deputies went inside and met with the homeowner, who was not the same man they had seen through the window, the report said. They received permission to search the house and found the man, identified as Zastrow, hiding next to a bed.

Zastrow was highly intoxicated. He had dried blood around his nose and mouth and bruising to his left eye and forehead, the report said.

Deputies again interviewed Stefanko, who admitted that Zastrow had been driving the car, while he was in the passenger seat. After the accident occurred, they went home and decided to report the car as stolen.

Stefanko and Gregg were both charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration. Stefanko was also charged with third-degree falsely reporting an incident.

Zastrow was charged with driving while intoxicated and other vehicle and traffic infractions.

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