Stolen vehicle crashes into Packard Road home

Photo by RobShotsNiagara Falls police are continuing to investigate after a red Jeep that was reported stolen from a local service station crashed into a home on Packard Road on Wednesday. Police said several juveniles fled exited the vehicle after it crashed and fled the scene. Police said one youth was detained and turned over to a juvenile detective. 

Niagara Falls Police recovered a pair of stolen vehicles on Wednesday, including one that they believe may have been driving into a house on Packard Road by a juvenile driver. 

Police were dispatched around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon to the 3600 block of Packard Road in response to a report of a red Jeep crashing through a fence and into a house in the area.

An officer responding to the scene detained one juvenile who was turned over to a juvenile detective. Police said the other juveniles fled the scene after the vehicle crashed. 

Around the same time as the report about the car hitting the home, Niagara Falls dispatch received a call about a red Jeep being stolen from a service station at the intersection of 19th Street and Walnut Avenue. 

An officer responded to the service station found a vehicle that witnesses said was left at the scene by several juvenile suspects who were seen inside. Witnesses told police that the juveniles exited the vehicle and entered into a red Jeep before leaving the scene. According to police, the officer ran the license plate on the vehicle and it came back stolen out of Buffalo. 

Police said they were able to recover video surveillance of the incident from the service station.

The incident remains under investigation.  

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