Sex abuser gets max prison term

LOCKPORT -- His defense attorney pleaded for probation.

But State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. wasn't interested in that argument.

"You've been treated most generously by the courts," Kloch told Michael Mazaika. "That's going to end today."

Kloch, instead of probation, gave Mazaika, who had admitted to sexually assaulting a girl younger than 15, the maximum possible prison term. For his guilty plea to a charge of second-degree criminal sex act, Kloch sentenced the Town of Niagara man to seven years behind bars and 10 years of post release supervision.

Mazaika, 40, of Rhode Island Avenue, was indicted in March on charges that he abused the teenage girl over a period of time beginning around May 2017 and continuing until his arrest on Oct. 26, 2018. In making his guilty plea, Mazaika admitted to performing a sex act on the victim.

"He has challenges that incarceration isn't going to help," defense attorney Joseph Terranova told Kloch, confirming to the judge that his client, at the time of the abuse, was drinking up to 18 bottles of beer a day.

"Ten years probation, that's a long time," Terranova said. "I feel confident probation is the right choice for my client."

Kloch, however, noted that Mazaika has had previous run-ins with the law and was given second chances to "turn things around."

"Reprehensible, one word for what you did," Kloch said. "You had your opportunities (to change)."

Mazaika told Kloch he believed his alcohol consumption contributed to the abuse of the teen. 

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