Sometime Falls Police Narcotics Investigation Division detectives strike quickly.

Other times, they wait for just the right opportunity to swoop in and arrest suspected dealers.

Last week, they swooped and caught six street-level dealers in an early morning roundup. The first of what detectives promised would be multiple operations.

"During the year, we will do a lot of undercover buys," Narcotics Intelligence Division Captain Ted Weed said. "And sometimes, instead of making an immediate arrest, we'll present what we get to a (Niagara County) grand jury."

Weed said detectives work with Assistant Niagara County District Attorney Peter Wydysh to present the cases and when indictments are returned, then they begin making arrests.

"All of the (narcotics) detectives are involved in these cases," Weed said. "And a lot of them come from tip line calls. So we're responding to residents, but sometimes they don't realize it."

Weed said other indictments are in the judicial pipeline and he said he expects more roundups will be coming.

"These are street-level dealers," the narcotics squad commander said. "These are the guys standing on the street corners, in front of the stores and gas stations."

Detectives also said the suspects were all familiar to them. 

Those picked-up in the round-up included Jenirio Chapman, 24, 1954 Cudaback Ave., Octavius Miller, 38, 1861 Cleveland Ave., Carlton Johnson, 61, 1562 Ashland Ave., Lonnie Richardson, 33, 489 23rd St., Robert Mokhiber, 46, 1716 Elmwood Ave., and Luis Manuel Rodriguez, 38, 484 19th St.

All six were each charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. 

Detectives also revealed they had made an arrest in a months-long investigation into the activities of a another Cudaback Avenue dealer.

Following a raid at a single family home in the 1600 block of Cudaback Avenue, detectives seized 21 grams of crack cocaine and 9 ounces of marijuana. They also found digital scales and a quantity of packing materials.

Tavio Burton, 43, 1645 Cudaback Ave., was charged with two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, third-degree criminal possession of marijuana and second-degree criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.