While most candidates for Niagara County Legislature will be running unopposed on their various party lines, most of the contested races of Primary Day 2019 will be for the Independence line. 

All of the legislature's 15 seats are up for grabs this year but there are only six primary challenges set to be determined on Tuesday when voters hit the polls. In four of those six races, registered Independents will challenge Republican incumbents for the Independence Party line in November's election. 

In District One, which represents the Town of Porter and a portion of the Town of Lewiston, Republican incumbent Clyde Burmaster will challenge Wendy Guild Swearingen, an Independent and former member of the Lewiston-Porter Board of Eduction.

In addition to the Independence Party, Burmaster is also the Republican and Conservative lines, while Guild Swearingen is also seeking the Democratic and Working Families party lines. Only in the Independence Party race will either candidate have opposition.

In District Two, which represents portions of the towns of Lewiston and Wheatfield, Republican incumbent Rebecca Wydysh will be running against Stephanie Kindzia, a political newcomer, for the Independence line.

Wydysh is also seeking the Republican and Conservative lines while Kindzia is also seeking the Democratic and Working Families lines and both will be unopposed on those lines.

In the Seventh District, which represents portions of Wheatfield and North Tonawanda, appointed incumbent Jesse Gooch, a registered Republican and owner of North Tonawanda house painting business Painters Plus, will face off against Independent Erik Herbert, an NT police officer and member of the North Tonawanda Board of Education. 

Much like in the previously mentioned races, the primary race for Seventh District legislator will be confined to the Independence line. Gooch will also seek the Republican lines while Herbert will seek the Democratic and Working Families lines, but both will be uncontested on those lines. 

Finally, in the Ninth District, which represents a portion of North Tonawanda, Republican incumbent Randy Bradt will be challenged by Independent Joseph Kissel, who operates the Niagara News Source website.

This race follows the same pattern as the three aforementioned races, where the contest will focus on the Independence line, while Bradt runs unopposed for the Republican and Conservative lines and Kissel runs unopposed on the Democratic and Working Families lines. 

For more information about offices to be elected or where to vote, visit the Niagara County Board of Elections at elections.niagara.ny.us

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