Piccirillo bows out of Falls mayoral election

Seth Piccirillo

There won't be a general election battle between Robert Restaino and Seth Piccirillo.

In an email to reporters and a posting on social media, Piccirillo, who lost a closely contested Democratic party primary to Restaino but who remains on the general election ballot as the Working Families Party candidate for mayor, announced he would not actively campaign on that line.

"In the weeks since the primary, I have learned that there are times to take a step back, so others can share their ideas and plans for our city," Piccirillo wrote. "For me, this is one of those times. I will not be actively campaigning on the Working Families Party line, although my name will appear on that line on Election Day. Democratic voters made a decision on June 25, and I respect that."

Piccirillo had been weighing a mayoral run as a third party candidate in the weeks since the Democratic Party. In a conversation with the Gazette Friday afternoon, he said he considered a wide range of factors in reaching his decision.

"We didn't think it made sense to move forward as a minor party candidate at this time."

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