Parlato endorsed by conservative women's group

Beth Parlato

Beth Parlato, who is running as a Republican candidate for the 27th New York Congressional District, has picked up an endorsement from a Republican women's group. 

Parlato announced her endorsement from the VIEW PAC, a Republican women's group, as well as the maximum financial support of the group. 

“Beth Parlato is not only what the Republican Party needs – an outspoken woman on the right side of the issues, but also what voters want – a fresh-faced political outsider determined to do right by her constituents rather than build a political future for herself," Julie Conway, the executive director of VIEW PAC wrote. "In a district that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump, Beth’s unapologetically conservative message and life resume as a business owner and Judge make her a clear favorite in this Primary and someone who will ensure that New York’s 27th District remains in Republican hands.”

In a statement, Parlato said she was "humbled" by the endorsement. 

"VIEW PAC has done incredible work getting strong Republicans elected and I am honored that they have chosen to endorse me. I won’t disappoint them just like I won’t disappoint the voters in my district.”

Parlato adds this endorsement to her other endorsements, including former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. 

Chris Collins vacated the seat on Sept. 30, immediately before pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and making false statements in an inside trading case. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has indicated he'd like to call for a special election on April 28, the same day as the Democratic presidential primary in New York, to avoid an extra $1 million of spending on a separate election. 

State GOP Chair Nicholas Langworthy has filed a lawsuit calling for an immediate special election, and a judge adjourned the case until Jan. 13. 

Other candidates running for the Republican nomination in a special election, if one is held, include state Senators Rob Ortt and Chris Jacobs.

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