Our Lady of Peace provides vaccination update

Among the first recipients at Ascension Living Our Lady of Peace in Lewiston was staff member Sonai Gayle, certified nursing assistant. (Contributed photo)

LEWISTON — Ascension Living Our Lady of Peace, in partnership with Walgreens, has vaccinated all residents who consented to receive the vaccine and one third of its workforce since the skilled nursing community offered the first vaccination clinic on Dec. 31.

Among the first recipients was staff member Sonai Gayle, certified nursing assistant, and many residents at Ascension Living Our Lady of Peace.

"I'm honored to be the first Ascension Living Our Lady of Peace caregiver to receive the COVID-19 vaccine," Gayle said. "I'm encouraging my colleagues to get the vaccination, and once it's available for the public as well. I'm grateful for my fellow caregivers, here at Our Lady of Peace and across the nation, and their selflessness in the dedicated resident care they deliver every day.”

Earlier this year, Ascension developed a workgroup to establish an overarching framework for equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccines for internal and external distribution, acknowledging the need for a coordinated response.

As vaccine availability increases, Ascension officials say they will implement prioritization recommendations for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, guided by Ascension’s mission, vision, values; Catholic Health Association guidance “Vaccine Equity and Catholic Principles for the Common Good”; guidance from state and federal entities; and available Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and evidence-based data on disease risk and burden.

Ascension Living partnered with Walgreens to offer residents and associates the COVID-19 vaccine.

“This has been a long journey,” Jon Hart, executive director of Ascension Living Our Lady of Peace, said. “Our associates, our health care heroes, provided exceptional support to each other and our residents, I will be forever grateful to them for living our values everyday!”

Jenevieve Nablo, RN, director of nursing, observed, "The morning of our first vaccination clinic was incredibly emotional for all. It's definitely a relief, a sense of renewed hope, the vaccine sends the message we are gaining control back. Thankfully our residents and associates did not have adverse reactions to the vaccine. Most recipients reported that the vaccination felt much like our annual flu shot with most having minor discomfort at the injection site for one to two days afterwards.”

For information on upcoming events or news, please follow our Facebook page: @OLP-Lewiston or visit online at www.ascension.org/ourladyofpeace.

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