It was just after midnight Sunday when Gary Baker heard the noise and commotion outside his home.

When he looked outside, he wasn’t surprised by what he saw. Standing on the upper porch of 2846 McKoon Ave., a home better know among Niagara University students as the “Red Baron,” was a young male stripped to waist and “howling at the moon.”

“He was drunk as hell,” Baker said.

The howling drunk on the porch was just the beginning of a hour or so of bedlam for Baker, his neighbors and Falls Police that ended with three arrests and city fire and building inspectors being called to the Red Baron for emergency safety inspections.

Police who responded to neighbor complaints said they saw “several hundred college students and others had congregated (at the Red Baron) and were consuming alcoholic beverages, as well as littering the nearby lawns and street with garbage.”

Baker said at least two partners walked past him, into his backyard and began urinating on his motor home.

“It wasn’t anything we didn’t expect,” Baker said of the party, apparently held to mark the start of the school year at NU. “I saw a group of young girls literally dragging a case of beer down the street. They were really loud and drinking like crazy.”

Officers at the scene said they were trying to disperse the large crowd, when they we told that underage drinking was taking place inside the home. Once inside, officers said they encountered Eric James Dixon, 22, a resident of the home blocking an upstairs bedroom doorway and attempting to keep police from reaching “an intoxicated 19-year-old female.”

Dixon reportedly yelled obscenities at the officers, in addition to blocking their access to the bedroom, and was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

Police also arrested Michael Joseph Cagney, 21, a Red Baron resident and Michael John Faeth, 20, 2841 Macklem Ave., charging both of them with disorderly conduct for creating a disturbance and refusing to leave the party and arguing with officers.

“You hate to arrest a kid just starting out at college,” Baker said. “But they are breaking the law and have no respect for anyone.”

Falls Police Superintendent John Chella said he had extra officers working overnight Saturday in case there were problems in Deveaux.

“We brought in some extra officers (to work) in anticipation of the students getting out of hand,” Chella said. “I’m glad that we brought them in.”

Chella also said he will speak to university officials about the incident.

“We are going to keep after this problem, until we get compliance,” Chella said.

The trouble also comes just a little more than two weeks after a meeting between representatives of NU, city police, fire and inspections officials and local block club leaders in an effort to head off problems between residents and students.

“It is really frustrating to have to live next door to something like (the Red Baron),” Baker said. “This is worst than last year.”

Police reports indicate that a city building inspector and fire department investigator who were called to the scene, found “numerous code violations.” It’s not clear what the code violations were or whether the property owner, identified as Brian Hartman, will face any charges.

A university spokesman, reached for comment, said he would have to look into what happened.

“The university has no tolerance for any behavior that discredits the university,” spokesman Linus Orsmby said. “If students are found to have brought discredit to the university, they will be subject to our judicial process on campus and will be held accountable.”

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