Niagara Hospice has a new campaign to answer the questions of potential patients

The Niagara Hospice House at 4675 Sunset Drive in Lockport.

Niagara Hospice has adopted a new information technology service called DIRECT Secure Messaging that allows the rapid transfer of patient referrals and medical records. The communication service equips health care facilities with the ability to efficiently send clinical data from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system without having to print or fax any documents.

DIRECT will save a significant amount of time and effort for providers who are referring patients to Niagara Hospice.

“With the rollout of DIRECT, our clinical staff, especially admissions nurses, have the most convenient and effective method of receiving the necessary information to beginning the patient admissions process for Niagara County patients and families,” said David Lee, director of Information Systems for Niagara Hospice. “We encourage any of our health care provider partners who have the ability to engage in this technology to contact us for our DIRECT address. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that more precious time is spent being prepared for each patient and family, rather than waiting on paperwork.” 

The encrypted technology provides a significant improvement in workflow with four important benefits. The first feature is the preservation of accurate patient data that is automatically imported, preventing the risk of data entry errors. The second factor is improving the speed of clinical paperwork transaction as fewer steps in the process produces faster results. The third benefit is reliability, ensuring clinical staff is not waiting for faxes to come through. The last, and most important, asset of the new service provides is the enhanced security and strong adherence to HIPAA-compliance due to DIRECT encrypting the information, ensuring that only the intended recipient can decrypt and read the contents of the transmitted data.

As more providers adopt DIRECT technology to replace faxes and encrypted emails, clinical professionals will experience an increase in productivity stemming from less delays in the information gathering. Patients and families will be served better from the expedited information that helps prepare staff quicker for communicating the next steps in their care plan.

For more information on Niagara Hospice, visit or call 716-HOSPICE or 439-4417.

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