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The Niagara Falls Democratic and Republican Committees will co-host a citywide Candidate Forum at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 19 in the Niagara Falls High School auditorium.

Candidates for Niagara Falls City Council will answer questions on a variety of topics that residents have deemed key in this election, including the city’s financial structure, quality of life issues, public safety, and code enforcement. Candidates will also have an opportunity to share their visions for the city’s future during this event.

David Taylor from Niagara University will serve as the forum moderator. Serving on the forum’s question panel will be Niagara Falls Board of Education and local businessman Russell Petrozzi; Samika Sullivan, director of the Packard Court Community Center, and, Brian Archie, team integrator for Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative. Joining the panel is Niagara Falls High School student, Jaemara Sturdivant, who will be asking questions about the future of Niagara Falls.

Candidates seeking one of the three seats open this year for Niagara Falls City Council are: Jim Perry, who is running on an independent line, Impact Niagara; Traci Bax and David Zajac who are running on the Republican and Conservative lines; and, James Abbondanza, Colin Ligammari, and Donta Myles, who are running on the Democratic and Working Family lines.

“Members of both the city’s Democratic and Republican committees have expressed that our residents deserve to have a transparent and open window into all six candidates as well as their views and positions, so that they can have the right information about all candidates and make educated decisions at the polls. We recognize at this point in our candidates’ campaigns that their time is extremely valuable, and we wish to preserve their opportunity to continue to go door-to-door to reach as many residents as possible. This is why both committees support one bi-partisan forum in which candidates can answer the questions that our residents have been asking. By working together, we have created a cooperative and incontrovertible atmosphere for the candidates and community alike,” said a joint statement.

Residents can attend the forum in person or watch the live stream via the Niagara Falls High School YouTube channel, TheOSCatNFHS. Questions about the forum can be directed to William Carroll, Niagara Falls Republican Committee, at or Danielle DePalma, Niagara Falls Democratic Committee, at

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