LOCKPORT — The Buffalo Society of Artists’ 124th Catalogue Exhibition at Kenan House Gallery is one of two juried exhibitions held by BSA each year to enrich and educate the community through high artistic expression.

BSA is one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. Started in 1891 to promote and expand the awareness of Western New York artists, it maintains the same mission today.

“This vibrant collection of BSA works fills the entirety of the Kenan House Gallery, bringing into the space a new exhibition for the first time since the impact of COVID,” Kenan Center events and program manager Alyssa Mays said “The Kenan House Gallery is again open to the public by appointment and for small groups.”

The BSA 124th Catalogue Exhibition will launch online virtually with a series of videos and a photo gallery today. Kenan House Gallery begins public in-person viewing starting today. The virtual experiences can be found at www.kenancenter.org.

In-person gallery hours are available by appointment Monday through Friday from noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. Call 433-2617 to set up a visit. The maximum is 10 visitors at a time.

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