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Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center on 10th Street.

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center has been awarded $12,686,000 in federal funding as one of the state’s ‘safety net’ hospitals, which provide health care to patients in need regardless of insurance.

The funding is part of a $290,730,000 package in health system funding allocated by Health and Human Services (HHS).

The award was announced by U.S. Sens. Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. They said as health providers were busy as the frontline defense against COVID-19, many saw a significant decrease in earnings as revenue-creating services, such as elective surgeries, were put on hold to help combat the pandemic.

“Upstate New York’s ‘safety net’ hospitals were our critical, frontline defense against COVID-19 and it is only with their help that we were able to flatten the curve and begin the reopening process. As we begin to reopen, we must not forget the bravery and incredible sacrifices healthcare centers made to care for Upstate New York in our darkest hour,” Schumer said. “I will continue to fight tirelessly to make sure New York’s world-class healthcare workforce and all our hospitals get all the federal support they need to get on the road to recovery.”

Added Gillibrand. “As we move forward, this funding will provide direct relief to help these critical hospitals recover financially. I am grateful to our health care workers for their tireless work and devotion to public health and I will continue fighting for the resources needed to repair and recover.\ 

The senators also revealed that New York state as a whole will be receiving the lion’s share of funding, with over 10% of the total $10 billion going towards healthcare providers all over the state. 

Locally, Erie County Medical Center is receiving $29,037,000.

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