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Mark Hamill

Nate McMurray's bid for Congress has received endorsements and attention from across the nation, and on Tuesday, he received his first-ever backing from a galaxy far, far away.

Mark Hamill, the actor best known for portraying lead Star Wars Luke Skywalker, announced his support for McMurray in a Twitter post early Tuesday morning.

"Don't vote AGAINST @RepChrisCollins just because he's a Trump toady who's out on bail for insider trading & been declared a flight risk," Hamill wrote in a tweet that linked a New York Times article on the race. "Vote FOR @Nate_McMurray who will protect Social Security, Medicare & put families first!"

Hamill was referencing reports that a federal judge revoked Collins passport upon deeming him a flight risk, after the Republican incumbent's Aug. 8 arrest on insider trading charges. Collins has insisted he is innocent and that the charges would not impact his ability to serve.

Hamill has long used Twitter to criticize and mock President Trump, and back Democratic causes. Several days before his McMurray endorsement, the 67-year-old actor tweeted his support for J. D. Scholten, a Democrat challenging Rep. Steve Kind, a Republican from Iowa who's gained national exposure for controversial racial statements.

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