A small plane originating in Lindsey, Ont. made a precautionary landing in a wheat field on the east side of the Cambria-Lockport Townline Road at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Brothers Blair and Eric Robinson were aboard the two-seat, RC-3 Seabee plane aircraft. No injuries were reported and they hoped to make repairs to the plane and continue their trip to an airshow in Florida.

There was no damage to the plane, but the brothers needed parts for the Chevrolet Corvette engine.

“They went to a Chevy dealer. The plane is kind of homemade. It’s a neat looking plane up close.” said David Milleville of Saunders Settlement Road in Sanborn. The plane made the impromptu landing in his 100-acre field near Stone Road.

The plane was en route to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport to clear U.S. Customs. Eric, the pilot, reported engine trouble and made a safe landing about one-quarter mile from Ridge Road.

The belt tensioner came off and the engine lost the serpentine belt. With no fan belt, there was no cooling.

According to Milleville, the pilot has landed in fields before and had a relatively smooth landing on the field of winter wheat.

“He only made one little tire track,” said Milleville, comparing it to an ATV. “If it was a 4-wheeler, I would have been mad. They’re brutal.”

It was not known at press time if the brothers were able to make repairs and resume their trip on Wednesday.