A portion of the village and town of Lewiston will be sprayed for gypsy moth caterpillars Thursday at sunrise.

A twin-engine plane will conduct the spraying in the area from Onondaga Street to Mohawk Street between North Water and Second streets in the village.

A 700-acre area of the town will receive a second spraying. The area from Upper Mountain Road to Escarpment Drive, and from Callan Drive to Lewiston Road as well as the Gorgeview Subdivision was sprayed on May 24.

The village spraying should take about an hour, while the spraying in the town should take about two hours.

Each area contains old oak trees where this type of caterpillar can wreak havoc, said John Sharpe, the town’s engineering assistant.

Town officials are asking residents to keep themselves and their pets indoors during the application of the pesticide, known as Foray 48B.

The pesticide is a bacterium that is not harmful to humans, animals and most insects, according to officials. The spraying will not affect gardens or swimming pools, officials said. Gypsy moth caterpillars who eat the leaves of the sprayed trees will die within a few days.

Any motor vehicles not placed in garages during the spraying should be washed with soap and water after the spraying.

Duflo Spray Chemical Inc., of Lowville will conduct the spraying.

Village residents who have questions about the spraying in the village should call Village Clerk Anne Welch at 754-8271.

Town residents should call Sharpe at 754-8213, ext. 257.

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