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The water challenge around the #1 Disk Golf hole at Wilson Tuscarora State Park was definitely not planned for, it's just one of the many problems caused by rising Lake Ontario water levels.

Forecasts show relief is on the way for beleaguered Lake Ontario shoreline residents, but that it will arrive gradually.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers forecasted Friday Lake Ontario may drop 6 inches in the next month, while other forecasts show the lake has likely hit its peak.

Over the past week, the lake level has fluctuated between 249.05 and 249.08 feet — a little over an inch above the highest level on record, reached in late May 2017.

The International Joint Commission subsidiary that governs lake outflows reported a small possibility the lake could rise about another inch by June 22, but is otherwise nearly certain to gradually recede throughout the summer and into the fall. 

High outflows have helped combat the lakeshore flooding.

Lake outflows are now at the second-highest rate on record, almost 2.74 million gallons of water per second, surpassed only by the highest flows during the flooding of 2017.

The high water is likely to continue to batter breakwalls and sandbags throughout the summer, though. The IJC's forecasts estimate the water will drop below 248 feet sometime in August — earlier in the month if drier conditions prevail, later if this summer brings heavy rainfall.

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