Labor consultant seeks seat

Sil Dan Jr.

NORTH TONAWANDA — A former Rich Products Corp. labor relations executive has announced that he will challenger incumbent Ninth District Niagara County Legislator Randy Bradt.

Sil Dan Jr. said he is challenging the veteran legislator in the Republican party primary for the North Tonawanda district because “our city’s residents are no longer being represented by the people they elected to work for them.”

Dan identifies himself as a “semi-retired business consultant”, who also volunteers and works part-time at First United Methodist Church. He said he will “restore common sense to county government, because it is sorely missed.”

The former labor relations exec said he was “distraught” to see county government “become a revolving door of connected names, appointed and reappointed without any accountability for results.” He said a series of controversial hires by county government in recent years is evidence that current legislative leaders are “out of touch and out of their minds.” 

Dan pointed to the hiring of former North Tonawanda city treasurer Matt Parish as an example of his concerns. Parish abruptly resigned his post after a scathing audit by the state comptroller, but was then hired in the number two post in the county clerk’s office.

“The state comptroller said that for eight months straight, our city treasurer didn’t bother to check the balances of our city’s accounts, how much money was coming in and going out,” Dan said. “The audit hits, he resigns, and the county government hires him the next week for $20,000 more than he was making here.”

Dan said eh would seek to build closer working relationships between the county and city governments, but without a revamp the county’s hiring practices.

“I’ll be calling for an investigation into the county’s strange hiring practices: in the last year and a half,” he said. “They’ve hired a Buffalo Billions felon, a sexual harasser who left state taxpayers on the hook for a six-figure payout to his victim, a former Senate aide who was caught on video shouting racial epithets at children, and a lawyer who was already convicted in a rape case and has now been accused of a raping at least three more people.”

In his announcement, Dan also attacked Bradt, the legislature’s GOP majority leader, for failing to stop the controversial hires.

“That Republican caucus meets before and during legislature meetings,” Dan said. “They have a room right outside the legislative chambers that they all file into and discuss the county’s business behind closed doors. They knew exactly who they were hiring. It’s time we restore some standards to our hiring, before they decide to put serial killers and bank robbers on the payroll too.”

Dan said he would also prioritize small businesses to recover from COVID-19 shutdowns.

“Helping our businesses and taking care of our seniors will be my top priorities,” he said. 

Dan currently operates Superior Comp Management, a consulting firm that address workers compensation issues.

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