Niagara Falls

n THEFT: Police are looking into a pair of car break-ins in a parking lot in the 500 block of Rainbow Boulevard. A 51-year-old Michigan man told officers sometime between 10 p.m. Sunday and 8:20 a.m. Monday, someone popped the driver’s side door lock on his 2002 Chevy Suburban and stole a cell phone. A 50-year-old Michigan man told police that during the same time period, someone popped the driver’s side door lock on his 2006 Chevy Uplander station wagon and took 125 compact discs and DVDs.


n CHARGED: Michele L. Braunscheidel, 33, 182 Young St., was charged Saturday morning with issuing a bad check. The Braunscheidel’s landlord told deputies that Braunscheidel wrote her a $900 check for rent but it was returned for insufficient funds. The report said the landlord wasn’t able to contact her tenant.


n TRESPASSERS: A Van Dusen Drive woman told deputies Saturday afternoon that someone came into her house while she wasn’t home on Friday. Nothing had been taken, but items were moved, the report said. She said she left her door unlocked. The woman suspected a relative.

City of Lockport

n CHARGED: Jacqueline S. Stroyan, 48, 101 Genesee St., Apt. 2, was charged Sunday with third-degree criminal mischief. Stroyan allegedly kicked a man’s truck door after he declined to lend her the vehicle, the report said. After she finished, Stroyan allegedly said “try and prove I did that.” The damage was estimated at $500.

n CHARGED: Bruce M. Ulrich, 41, 6303 Shimer Drive, Town of Lockport, was charged Monday with second-degree harassment. Ulrich allegedly punched one of his employees in the face on Friday, the report said. He will appear in court July 26.

n CHARGED: Jermaine R. Webster, 26, 426 4th Street, Niagara Falls, was charged Monday morning with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana. The Niagara County Drug Task Force went to a Spalding Street building on April 11 to look into some suspicious activity. Webster, who fled from the scene, allegedly had a pipe with residue and suspected marijuana. The items were sent to a lab, which confirmed that there was cocaine residue and marijuana.

n CHARGED: Keith R. Swartzlander, 19, 89 Pine St., Apt. 1, was charged Monday morning with second-degree aggravated harassment. Swartzlander allegedly called a woman five times on Sunday, threatening to injure her. During one call, he allegedly identified himself as a Lockport police officer and told her to stop calling Swartzlander or she would face arrest, the report said. The officer whose name was used was not working that day.

n CHARGED: Kimberley L. Brady, 31, 346 Webster Ave., Syracuse, was charged Monday morning with second-degree harassment. Brady allegedly yelled and punched a woman while the victim was visiting a friend on Gabriel Drive, the report said.

n DISTURBANCE: A Garden Street woman told police Monday that she was followed to work by a man. The man later called to say that he went to her home to collect a debt owed to him, the report said. Officers told him not to go near her and to leave the money collection to civil court.

n CHARGED: Sara Pynn, 28, 244 East Ave., Apt. 1, was charged Monday morning with third-degree falsely reporting an incident. Pynn was arrested after an investigation by First Assistant District Attorney Timothy R. Lundquist. She allegedly falsely reported a case of child abuse Jan. 5 to a statewide central registry of child abuse.

Town of Lockport

n CHARGED: Dolores C. Downes, 29, 12366 Akron Road, Akron, was charged Friday morning with petit larceny. Downes allegedly stole $28.64 worth of items from Tops Markets, according to a state police report. She will appear Tuesday in Lockport Town Court.

n PROPERTY DAMAGE: A Cottage Road woman told sheriff’s deputies Saturday afternoon that a tree limb fell on her car while she was at a garage sale on Akron Road. She said a gust of wind knocked it down. The report said the same tree limb had fallen on the homeowner’s motorcycle a week ago. The homeowner is planning to talk to the owner of the apartment building next door to verify who owns the tree. The damage to the woman’s 2004 Pontiac was estimated at $150.

n CHARGED: Amy M. Rowe, 16, was charged Thursday night with fourth-degree criminal mischief. Rowe allegedly damaged two interior doors and a screen at the Aurora House. The report said the damage was estimated at $125. Rowe was held in lieu of $250.


n CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Main Street man told deputies Saturday morning that someone spray-painted some phrases on his car overnight. He said the person wrote “blue crew,” “leave Newfane,” “cop killer” and other phrases in white paint. The report said he would bring his 1999 Ford Contour into a shop to see if the paint could be buffed out. There was no damage estimate given. Another Main Street man’s home also had spray-paint on the vinyl siding. The report said the person wrote “get out of our hood” and another phrase. Deputies were not able to contact the homeowner, but discovered the paint came off easily.

North Tonawanda

n LARCENY: A Nash Road woman told deputies Sunday afternoon that someone stole two lawn ornaments, a solar-powered address sign and two ceramic frogs from her lawn overnight. The report said the items were valued at $80.

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